Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker and App

Natural Anxiety Relief for the Whole Family.

Introducing the SOLACE Huggable Vibroacoustic Speaker. Calming music & tone vibrations you can FEEL.

More and more of us than ever before are suffering from stress and anxiety. We need better tools that are easy to use, natural, and effective. Try one out for yourself!

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Girl Hugging the Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker

FEEL the Vibes & RELAX the Mind

What is SOLACE?

Solace is a natural way to calm your body and mind. Like the purring of a cat, vibroacoustic therapy passes low frequency vibrations through the body to help you relax. Use this as part of your morning routine, while going to sleep, when you're feeling overwhelmed, when you're having anxiety, or when you're relaxed- truly anytime.

How it Works

Connect your device using Bluetooth to the Solace. Select your own music or use the Solace app and choose from a wide selection of vibroacoustic music, meditation music, healing tones, binaural beats and even a cat’s purr. Then layback, relax, give it a hug and feel the vibes.

Anxiety Relief Icon

Anxiety Relief

Natural, affordable, easy to use, and effective.

Meditation Icon

Meditate Better

Get centered and grounded quickly while meditating.

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Better Sleep

Lose yourself in soothing sound vibrations.

Pure Relaxation

The music vibrations and tones just feel so nice!

A Day at the Mall

We took SOLACE to the mall and let everyone try it out...

Video - A day at the mall with Solace the Huggable Anxiety Relieving Vibroacoustic Speaker

What People are Saying

I love Solace!

"I love Solace! It was very helpful for me to use the vibroacoustic speaker while I was recovering from knee surgery. I used Solace to play sound therapy to help with nerve pain and inflammation, and it quickly helped lower the pain I was experiencing in my knee and lower leg. Highly recommend!"

— Laura C.

I stayed asleep longer...

"I served in the Marine Corps and had several injuries related to my time of service. With Solace sleep came quicker; stayed asleep longer; and felt more rested. In this state, I can lose myself in the sounds & vibrations and be at peace. I highly recommend Solace vibrational therapy."

— Oz H. Marine Corps Veteran

The Solace is brilliant!

"I have an autistic son and I'm always looking for tools, toys, anything to comfort and chill him. It was remarkable. I think every school classroom should have one in a calming corner to help kiddos with anxiety. And for mama's out there with special needs kiddo, get one. Your kiddo will love it. But even more importantly, so will you."

— Melissa B.


"I used the Solace to play sound therapy for my back pain and tightness in my upper legs and hips. I'm still in shock that I used the speaker for only 20 minutes and it made such a big difference! I felt almost immediate relief and relaxation in my back as it was playing, and I was able to walk up and down stairs with greater ease immediately after using. Wow!"

— Roxanne G.

A more deep and meaningful practice...

"Solace is a great and powerful way to instantly ground yourself. As someone who meditates, it often takes me a while to get into the groove, but Solace accelerated my ability to be centered and have a more deep and meaningful practice. "

— Sara W.
The Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker Anxiety Relief Tool - Product Features


Anxiety Relief Tool - Tactile Touch and Feel

Tactile Touch & Feel

Solace has a soft thick silicone rubber skin decorated with raised speaker holes to give it a nice tactile touch and feel.

Anxiety Relief Tool - Body Conforming Shape

HUGGABLE Body Conforming Shape

Solace's patent pending design conforms to almost every part of the body. Hold or lay it on your chest, abdomen, back, neck, or legs.

Anxiety Relief Tool - Separate Volume and Vibration Controls

Separate Volume and Vibration Controls

Control the amount of vibration separately from the mid and high frequencies. This allows you to turn down the high frequencies to focus on the low frequencies.

Anxiety Relief Tool - Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack

Solace is equipped with a wired headphone jack for a more immersive experience and privacy.

Anxiety Relief Tool - Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

We aren't skimping on battery size. Expect to get days of heavy use from your Solace speaker before needing a charge.

Watch and learn more...

The Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker product informaton video.

The Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker Explainer Video
Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker

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